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President of the French Fries Hydropower Station visit my company

Source: Station Popularity: Release time:2017-12-22
  On September 28 , 2012 , the General Manager of Shaoyang Electric Locomotive Factory Co . , Ltd . , General Manager Xia Yingwu , Technical Department Manager Yue Zhixiong , Sales Manager Tang Weiguo and foreign trade translated a line of 4 people to meet the French guests . The senior management of the company held a symposium in the conference room in the 1st floor of the electrical machinery plant . The market department , technology department and other relevant department heads attended the meeting . During the symposium , Xia summed up the company ' s development situation and three - five strategic plan . During the expansion of overseas markets , the company has chosen to cooperate with investors in the long - term development of hydropower and motor industry . After years of development , the company has set up a good image in China . The general manager of Shaoyang Electric Locomotive Factory Co . , Ltd . , General Manager Xia Yingwu and the manager of the Technology Department , respectively introduced the situation of Wort water motor and motor . It is hoped that further strengthening cooperation with foreign power stations and large demand industries will be further strengthened to enhance the partnership . Mr . Xia said : France ' s frith power station had given trust and cooperation in the past to build a safe and reliable power station , and hoped that more opportunities for cooperation would be given in the future.


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