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Present situation and Development trend of Energy-saving in Motor System Electric

Source: Station Popularity: Release time:2017-12-22
  Motor system energy saving also involves the design, manufacture, user, various working conditions and operation management and other aspects of the comprehensive technology, integrated with the following: strengthen the technical transformation of the motor system, adjust the industrial structure. Promoting the decrease of energy consumption; Promote high efficiency and energy saving motor, accelerate the elimination of backward technology and equipment, eliminate low efficiency motor and high power consumption equipment; Improve the efficiency of the motor system, promote speed regulation, suitable for the need for flow regulation and speed regulation, speed up technological innovation, improve the motor system energy efficiency level, solid implementation of relevant supporting measures. Motor system energy saving will become the most potential energy-saving development direction. Energy saving in motor systems is also the trend.

  In order to improve the energy efficiency level, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the motor energy efficiency improvement plan on June this year (2013-2015, 2015). To upgrade motor products to 50% low voltage three-phase cage asynchronous motor products 40% of high-voltage motor products to achieve high efficiency motor energy efficiency standard specification; The accumulative promotion of high efficiency motor is 170 million kilowatts, the elimination of low efficiency motor is 160 million kilowatts, the implementation of energy saving technical reform of motor system is one hundred million one thousand watts, and the elimination of motor efficient remanufacturing is twenty million one thousand watts. But it is not obvious that the energy saving effect of replacing ordinary motor with high efficiency motor is not obvious, the energy saving of the whole motor system is the real energy saving. Therefore, inverter, servo. Inverter and special motor drive are widely used in fans, pumps, compressors, lifts, welders, electric motors, air conditioning compressors, washing machines and refrigerator compressors. Inverter is the main energy saving motor system. Energy saving is mainly reflected in the application of fans and pumps. After adopting the frequency converter, the speed of the pump or fan can be reduced by reducing the frequency of power supply, with the decrease of rotational speed. At the same time, the AC-DC-AC frequency conversion power supply mode, AC asynchronous motor to absorb the reactive power lag, power supply through the frequency converter, for the power grid. The power factor has also been improved, saving some of the power loss in the transmission process. The IPM modules in inverter, servo drive, inverter and special controller play a key role in energy saving and consumption reduction. Customers are demanding more and more of these power devices. For example, require lower product cost, more compact package size, better heat dissipation performance, the diversification of power devices are also required, such as low-power devices, compact design of high-power devices. Low-voltage high-power devices, high-current and high-voltage devices and so on.

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