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  Shaoyang City Electric Machinery Factory Co.Ltd was founded on the basis of the state-owned medium size enterprise in Shaoyang city Hunan province in 2006.  Company focuses on R&D and manufacturing of hydro turbine generator sets and electric motors with the business principle of power coming from technology, and always emphasizes technology renovation. It has established cooperation relationship with some research institutes such as Hunan University on long term, and has incessantly optimized the product structure, product performance, launching new products to adapt itself to meet the demands of the market and technology development. It was cited as the Shaoyang City Star Enterprise of Science and Technology.

  Profession casting quality. With decades of focus in this field, the brand of Weierte from Shaoyang City Electric Machinery Factory has won the recognition of market and trust of the customers throughout China. Company was the national designated motor producer at the beginning of 1980s, and the participant of the formulation of the national standard of special motors for the steel plant. The special motors made by it have become one of the top choices of the steel plant. The regular customers include Beijing capital steel, Hebei Cheng steel, Shanxi Chang steel, Qinghai West steel, Sichuan Pan steel, Guangxi Liu steel, Guangdong Shao steel, Hunan Xiang steel, and Lian steel, Jiangxi Ping steel, and many other stated-owned large-size steel plant. From the beginning of 1990s, the company has expanded its product range to hydro turbine generator sets, and have cooperated with more than 500 small-mini hydro power plants.  It has been the quality supplier for the government procurement for the rural small hydro power rehabilitation project, and is the member of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association.

  The company has a group of skilled, experienced, hardworking and dedicated high qualified team, combined with a complete accurate line of production and inspection equipment. It chooses the reliable suppliers to provide the superior quality material and spare parts, with the strict quality control regulation, and manufactures the products in strict accordance with the national industry standard to ensure the reliable quality and stable performance of the products. It has passed the ISO international quality system approval and obtained the patent for the brushless excitation hydro turbine generator, and been honored as credit rating A for quality by China association for quality, and credit rating AA enterprise by the Hunan province banking industry association.

  Company has a perfect after sales service system, and serves the customer with the high quality and efficient after sales services to guarantee the normal operation of the equipment provided. It offers not only the installation service from water to wire, but the professional maintenance service for all types of hydro turbine generator sets and electric motors, and makes the failure products recover quickly.

  There is no best, only better. We would spare no effort to make continuous progress to return our customers with better quality products and more perfect service.  Sincerely hope to cooperate with our clients in whatever forms to make progress together.

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